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iDive Free 
iDive scuba diving series
iX3M scuba diving series

New iDive Free Sport edition

Free diving. Like no other.
with Taravana and Hemoptysis
prevention algorithms

Advanced free diving, Air

Dive Modes:

Advanced freediving, Air, Nitrox, Gauge AVG

Settable Mix:



Taravana prevention (iPTM, Freediving),
Buhlmann ZHL-16B (scuba)

Algorithm adjustment:

6 User settable protection levels


Stainless Steel

Top glass:


Wireless transmitter:



80x80 pixel

Max Depth:


The World's unique dive computer with Taravana prevention Algorithm

New iPTM Algorithm
for TARAVANA prevention.

Recovery Time automatic calculation

The iPTM is the first algorithm to calculate the recommended minimum recovery time between one free dive and the next one,
to reduce the risk of Taravana.

How does the iPTM work?

iDive Free with Taravana

Tissue Saturation Factor
Calculated by using the Buhlmann ZHL-16B compartments considering the dive time, dive depth, descent speed, ascent speed and dive shape.

Hypoxia Factor
Depth and duration of the previous dive.

Dehydration Factor
Number of dives done, depth and total dive time.

Free diver's behaviour
Respect of recovery time from the previous dives and set conservatism.

Prevention for Hemoptysis
and Pulmonary Edema.

Set the depth, the iDive Free will let you know how to get there.

You just have to set the depth you want to reach and the iDive Free will guide you during your first three dives, to prepare your lungs' capillaries and reduce at minimum the risk of Pulmonary Edema and Hemoptysis

iDive Free with Hemptysis control 1 iDive Free with Taravana iDive Free with Hemptysis control 2 iDive Free with Taravana iDive Free with Hemptysis control 3

Training Stop-watch
A full screen Stopwatch to clock your apneas.
With two stopwatch times to track your performances.

iDive Free Training stop watch for freediving

Freediving dedicated alerts
 A full range of free-diving dedicated alerts:

- Depth alert

- Time alert

- User settable Depth goals alerts

- Depth goals alerts by user settable steps

session data averages for iDive Free

Session data averages
A dedicated screen for all the data of your session:

- Max Depth

- Max apnoea time

- Average Depth

- Average dive time

- Average surface time

Always available during the freedive session

New iDive Sport Armored edition
The toughest iDive ever.

Armored Logo

The new buttons of the iDive Sport Armored are almost impossible to break.

Don't you believe?
watch this:

Stainless steel protective bezel
It can save the glass from the hardest knocks.

A rock-solid stainless steel bezel is there to protect the iDive's mineral glass.

Shield for iDive Easy SE

Shield for iDive (Sold separately)
The best way to protect your iDive's screen from scratches and bumps. It is almost impossible to pierce.

Self healing and Replaceable by the user
Small scratches are self healed by the soft shell of the Shield, and if it is too scratched you can change it by yourself with a new one in few seconds.

Smart Edges design
The iDive Sport bezel design has a dedicated slot for the Shield to prevent accidental lifts-off and to create a smooth design without edges.

Amazing Backlight
New Led SuperBright tecnlogy.

New Led SuperBright tecnlogy

Such a bright backlight has never been seen
before in a watch computer.

Big and  Bright  Data
You will read it just fine.

Size does matter:

The dive data on the iDive are from 15% to 30% bigger than the one of all the others watch-dive computers.
The display is a 80x80 pixel 100% matrix.

Bright, Brighter, Brightest!
Set the backlight and the contrast of the display as you prefer, the iDive has a Extended life USB Rechargeable battery, use it as much as you want without the noise to change the battery.

Advanced management of the backlight:
Even the backlight management is specal in the iDive: totally automatic, totally manual or always on during the dive. You have just to choose!

Original picture sent by a customer.

Extended life USB Rechargeable Battery.
Does your smartphone have disposable batteries?

The watch dive computer
with the World's longest autonomy.

Up to 25 hours
as a dive computer.

Up to 2 months
as a watch.

Up to 6 months
Total Sleep mode.

Sleep mode: The iDive can sleep as you do

If the iDive stays still for 5 minutes automatically turns off the display,
reducing the battery consumption up to 80%.

As soon as the iDive's sensor feels a movement the display will be turned on in 0,8 seconds.

The iDive can reach 2 month of autonomy in normal use.

Amazing, right?

USB Recharge
One cable to rule them all.

You can use any USB port to recharge the iDive,
the wall charger of your smartphone is perfect.

  • You do not have to change the battery annually.

  • No risk of wear, humidity or seepage owing to the battery change. (have you ever noticed that after the first replacement, the battery change becomes more frequent?)

  • You can use all computer functions without worrying about battery exhaust. (Backlight, Compass, Apps ...)

  • You can recharge the iDive wherever a USB port is.
    (Have you ever tried to change batteries at the Maldives or during a cruise?)

Repetitive dives management.
More dives a day in more days: no problem at all.

Featuring the Real time Algorithms the iDive calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives.

This means that your profile is always optimized, even after more days of repetitive dives.

Vacation Day 1: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM

Vacation Day 2: Dive 1 at 11:15 AM; Dive 2 at 04:30 PM

Vacation Day 3: Dive 1 at 9:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM; Dive 3 at 8:00 PM

Vacation Day 4: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM

Vacation Day 5: No-Fly break

Vacation Day 6: Fly back to home

User settable Deep Stop and Safety Stop

Choose if you want the iDive to use the Deep Stops or not
and choose depth and time you prefer to perform the Safety Stop.

Flexible and customizable.

Gauge AVG
Resettable Average Depth and Timer.

One Button to reset the Average Depth,
One Button to reset the Timer,
One Button for the Compass.

That's All.

iDive buttons

Apps for iDive.
Has everything inside, and something more.

Weather forecast.
No one can control the weather,
but we can forecast it.

3D Compass self-compensating.
Extremely accurate and 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy.

It always point to North even if it is not perfectly in horizontal position, because of its integrated accelerometer.

With automatic altitude compensation for altitude diving.

Celsius or Fahrenheit.

For the barometric pressure.

Fitness (pedometer).
Beyond the scuba diving.

Steps, mileage,
speed and burned calories

Stettable according to your body and your running style.

The iDive has a true O.S. inside.

The updates are free, the new applications are free
and the PC or Mac interface is always included.

The USB cable you use to rechearge the iDive is the same you use to connect to the PC or Mac.
The DiveLogger can be downloaded for free and there are no hidden cost at all.

DiveLogger for Windows:Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
DiveLogger for Mac (OSX):OSX 10.6 or above.

Made in Italy

Just choose yours

For the colorful.

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