RATIO Computers Trade in.

Trade in your old iX3M for a new iX3M2
We'll take care of everything, we'll pick up the old one and deliver the new one.

Trade in your old iX3M and you can upgrade to the new iX3M2 in a super advantageous way!
With RATIO Trade-In, you can get an excellent value for your current iX3M1 to put toward the purchase of a new iX3M2.

This service is available both online and at any RATIO Retail that participates the RATIO Trade In.

It's a fantastic deal not only for you but also for the Planet.

1: How does it work?

We take care of everything.
We come to pick up your old iX3M at your home and deliver the new iX3M2!

Or you can visit a RATIO Computers Retail that participates in the promotion.

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2: What do I need to do?

Create an account on the RATIO website,
then send a photo of the INFO screen of your old iX3M to upgrade@ratio-computers.com
After a short check we will send you a link to purchase your new iX3M2 at the trade-in price.

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3: Which iX3M models are included?

Any iX3M, in any condition.
It doesn't matter how worn out or old they are or how many dives they have done.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The three R rules to help the planet.

RATIO is actively committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products, and the RATIO Trade In program allows us to improve further.


Even to produce the iX3M2 we have reduced to zero the use of non-renewable energy sources. All the energy we consume comes 100% from certified renewable sources.



If your old iX3M is in good condition, we will make sure it finds a new owner or serves other purposes such as DEMO-UNIT, iX3M Refurbish, or Outlet.



If your old iX3M is no longer recoverable, we will start the recovery and recycling process which involves dismantling and separating the materials that make up the computer, minimizing the environmental impact.


With these three pillars - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Through these practices, we strive to actively contribute to a greener and more responsible future for all, promoting a positive impact on our planet and future generations.